Volunteer with CCC

If you want to volunteer, or sign up a group to volunteer, please contact us.

email: dan@cccgainesville.org

Or: office@cccgainesville.org

Areas of Volunteering


  • help with mailing
  • help answer phones and return messages
  • meet with neighbors
  • help with light cleaning and organizing


  • pick-up/deliver furniture and/or appliances (always in groups of two)

Service Projects

  • yard/house cleaning (always in groups of two or more)


  • recruit volunteers to build a ramp with your local church or community organization

Handy People

  • assist neighbors with minor home repairs

Home Visits

  • following up with CCC neighbors

Levels of Involvement

Occasional Volunteer

Occasional involvement when you’re available

Friend of CCC

Individual who voices a desire of regular involvement (can vary from several times a week to once a month)

Project Leader

Individual who, through past experiences, has gained an understanding of a particular area of CCC’s ministry; therefore, is able to lead projects with other volunteers or “friends of CCC.” Projects include: painting, yard work, home cleaning, building ramps/railings/steps…etc.


  • Individual who voices interest in extended CCC involvement
  • Ability to raise financial support (if needed)
  • Expected to maintain regular hours, complete tasks specific to area of interest, and possible long-term projects and goals
  • Individual will spend some of their weekly hours in group discipleship focused on the principles of Christian Community Development with all other CCC staff



Christians Concerned for the Community is pleased to provide an internship opportunity for volunteers interested in a more extensive experience. Interns will work in all areas of CCC’s ministry to the Alachua County area, and may choose to focus on a specific area after experiencing all areas.

Interns will take part in Christian community development first-hand as they join with staff, volunteers, and neighbors to take part in ministry service projects, help meet the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors, and foster human development in our community. Interns will learn models of ministry from the staff, and will learn to love and assist neighbors through practical mean.

WHO should apply for the internship?

• College or graduate students who feel a call to impact the community God places you in
WHAT can I do in this Internship?
• Gain experience with handicapped accessibility, leading and participating in service projects, community outreach, etc.
• Customize your role as in intern by taking responsibility in one or more aspects of our organization
WHEN does the Internship take place?
• 6-week session during fall, spring, or summer semesters
• Customizable session (time you can commit to).

WHERE will I live?
• If you live locally in Alachua County, you’re set!
• If you need housing, let us know. We may be able to find a host home for you to stay in.

WHY should I apply?
You should apply for the internship if you are interested in ministering to the disadvantaged as well as wanting some practical, hands-on experience working alongside others for others.

HOW is this Internship unique?
• We want you to have a direct, hands-on approach to sharing God’s love with others.
• You’ll be doing real life ministry work interacting with people out in the community.
• You’ll have the chance to share with people in our community why we’re there.

You can apply to be an Intern or just find out more about the program by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator at office@cccgainesville.org.