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Thanks for being with us in the last 30 years. Thanks for those who’ve supported us anytime and who’ve continued to support us in the work God has us to do here. Most of all, we thank God for provision and for the reason we do this.

We thank because we are designed to praise God our Creator, Sustainer, Rescuer, and Completion! Our main purpose is to glorify God and enjoy his presence forever. We move from Thanksgiving to Advent as we remember and anticipate Jesus Christ’s incarnation as the perfect Son of God in our world and his return to make all things right. The in-between of these two advents is where we are to receive and work out our faith and sanctification.

As we remember our time with CCC to this point, we thank God for all he has done and for enabling us to be a part of it. We learn from what we’ve not done well ourselves and how to build on our faith and obedience.

We look to keep growing toward Christ’s return to complete our maturity as his community of God’s family.

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