From Ericson Frank:  Dear friends and partners,

I am grateful to have served as Executive Director for the last ten years, and as this year comes to a close I will be passing the torch to CCC’s next leader.  Matt and his wife, Emily, are members of Grace United Methodist church in Gainesville, FL.  Matt has been a dependable leader with CCC over the last two years. As of January 2015, Matt Powlen will begin as CCC’s Executive Director.

I ask for your support of Matt and the ministry of CCC.  As a tangible expression of my support of Matt’s leadership of CCC going forward, my wife Jennifer and I are currently making a gift of $500.  Would you join me before the end of the year and make a special gift to CCC to welcome Matt and support CCC’s mission?  Can you match our $500 gift?  Maybe you are able to make a substantial gift of $5,000.  Perhaps you can generously offer $50.  I pray for God’s continued provision for this ministry.  I thank each and every one of you who have supported CCC and myself over the years.  I look forward to continuing friendships with you.

Peace and grace to us all,


From Matt Powlen:  Dear brothers and sisters,

It is truly an honor and a privilege to embark on a journey as the new Executive Director of CCC in Alachua County.  For over twenty-five years the ministry of CCC has been blessed beyond measure.  The support from our neighbors through their prayers, donated household goods, financial assistance, and the willing hands and feet of thousands of volunteers has indeed brought the love and light that Jesus brings to many in need.  Thank you.

Over the last ten years, the ministry has experienced a special blessing with the guidance and leadership of Ericson Frank.  CCC has continued to expand on a responsible and sustainable path.  It is my intent to continue the mission of the ministry and enhance the existing attributes so that a CCC model can be successfully duplicated in other communities. It is a bold goal, but I believe our dreams need to be too big for us to accomplish in our own strength. This way, it is rightfully God who is glorified when our goals are realized.

CCC’s mission is two-fold:  Assistance with the provision of home accessibility / minor repairs and household goods/ appliances.  We are the ‘boots on the ground,’ so to speak.  We work primarily with our neighbors in a crisis, or seniors, or neighbors with disabilities. The recipients and their close friends and neighbors are invited to assist in meeting their need.  Direct contact at their home creates opportunities for lasting impressions through one-to-one encounters.  This is what I believe makes CCC’s mission intimate, but also proactive.  From my experience, an intentional ministry establishes deep connections.

What do we really hope to do?  Make ourselves available to share the love of God with our neighbors.  Listen to them and respect their situations.  Foster ownership in community by inviting the neighbor to act as a catalyst for others nearby.  More than renewing pride, our hope is to restore our neighbors’ dignity, self-worth, and personal responsibility.

How do we hope to do this?  All who have chosen to follow Christ must make preparations to be about the business of the Father:  proclaiming the good news and making disciples.  Encountering the least, the last, the lost, the lonely, the undesirable, and the disenfranchised.  If we realize we are beyond the presence of our neighbors on a regular basis, then something in our heart and our thinking needs to change.  By the grace of God, I came to this realization.

One thing that should be mentioned in this letter is a brief background.  Although I have ample construction experience, my actual ‘tent making’ profession is portfolio management and financial planning.  The focus is primarily in post or near retirement; which includes, but is not limited to, charitable giving and estate /trust funding.  I will continue in this capacity similar to the way it has been the past fifteen years, but there will be many new applications.  I hope this knowledge and experience will be utilized in exciting ways for the expansion of CCC’s ministry.

In closing, my prayer is that we continue to receive blessings of wisdom, strength, and a spirit of discernment from God. May we strive to fulfill His purpose for our lives.  May He use us as He sees fit so His light will shine in the darkness.  May we always acknowledge every good and perfect thing the Father provides and may God be praised and glorified for all He has done and all He will do—both now and forever.  Amen.

Your brother in Christ,