We have celebrated CCC’s 25th anniversary over this past year.  2012 has been a year of remembering CCC’s founding by Lynn and Suzanne Groce.  We’ve been looking back on CCC’s service and what we have accomplished together.  And it’s been a year of asking ourselves and others how we will continue to develop our community together.

God’s gift of grace has been and always will be the beginning of the answer to that question.  God called the Groces to the mission of “expressing the love of God by equipping the Church to help people.”  They were faithful, being gifted God’s grace to accomplish this task.  It has been the daily gift of grace from God these last 9 years that has enabled me and CCC’s board members, volunteers, and supporters to accomplish our work.  God’s grace has empowered our acts of service, sacrificial offerings, and expressions of the love of God, which we have experienced ourselves, to the ‘last,’ the ‘least,’ and the ‘lost’.  God’s grace is the fuel that sustains and drives this community of people.  Everything we have accomplished, every gift we have received: all grace.  Every heart we have touched, every life we have mentored, any faith encouraged: all grace.

It is out of this gift of grace that we have relationship with God; such a relationship never stems from works. Yet Ephesians 2:10 tells us we are “created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  James 1:27 says, “True religion is this: caring for widows and orphans in their time of distress.”  I resonate with the calling in Acts 6:3 talking about caring for the widows and orphans.  We feel a call and a responsibility to equip ourselves and equip others to care for our elders and neighbors in crisis.  This is how we started.  This is how we continue.

CCC’s board and staff met right at the start of 2013 to pray, read the scriptures, and to continue dreaming and planning what this community could look like–and how we might play a role.  Many of our ‘big, audacious goals’ were met in 2012:  our biggest ever ENGAGE panel discussion, “5 days, 5 ramps” completed, 4 widows had a ‘fantastic home facelift’ with over 120 volunteers serving, generous financial support, and a donated second work truck!  We planned, we worked hard, and people faithfully served, though I see it all as grace:  a free gift from our gracious Father in Heaven that is equipping people to see peace on earth.

2013’s goals include 5 homes getting a ‘facelift’ and celebrating like no other block party we’ve been involved in, and receiving and delivering more furniture, now with two trucks, to our neighbors in crisis.  We invite you to receive God’s grace to move you to come and follow us.  Together, we’ll see our beloved community loving and serving our neighbors in the name of Jesus.  We’ll see our community develop into a place where everyone can flourish.  We’ll see justice roll down.  Grace and peace. -Ericson Frank