FurnitureTransportationChristians Concerned for the Community commits to helping families in crisis in Alachua County with nothing or next to nothing to meet their need for basic furniture and appliances.

Most folks assume this will always mean we simply redistribute donated furniture right to their doorstep. While that’s often true, some of my favorite moving jobs go more like this:

One afternoon about 2pm, I returned a voicemail to a neighbor requesting furniture. I explained that I’d need to come by and do a home visit, and if we eventually delivered furniture there could be quite a long wait. Then I encouraged her to give us a call if she found anything on her own.

By 2:30pm, she’d found a free couch and loveseat on craigslist. 2:45 I was loading them with the donor’s help. By 3:00pm, I was watching the neighbor’s friends unload them right into her apartment.

This story captures 3 things I love about furniture transportation at CCC:

3) The neighbor saved herself a long wait by taking action immediately.

2) God appointed 3 people at two sites to help, all without my planning/strategizing/worrying.

1) The neighbor did it; CCC and other folks merely equipped.

So, tell us here or over at our Facebook page:  who in your family, neighborhood, or church desperately wants to take action to improve their situation? How might you use just an hour or two of your time to leverage their initiative and resources for success?