This week’s spotlighted CCC service is accessibility ramps.

photo_022609_002Neighbors from around Alachua County call almost daily, asking for assistance meeting their needs for accessibility. Executive Directer Ericson Frank meets with those neighbors, plans together for how to partner to build a ramp, then organizes a team of volunteers to build the ramp.

Before I started working with Christians Concerned for the Community, I thought of ramps as just a slightly easier way in and out of a home for folks who used wheelchairs. I’ve found that’s not the whole story at all.

A ramp, railing, or steps can be a lifesaver for an elderly gentleman with heart trouble. It can be a backsaver for the mother of a child with cerebral palsy. It’s always a social lifeline for folks who feel literally trapped in their homes with no safe way to engage the community.

Last year Ericson oversaw the installation of 40+ ramps, and a number of stairs and railings besides. This year he’s adding to that, and dreams of the day when he’s overseeing a whole crew of team leaders who are building 100 a year, restoring the hope of safe access to the community for 100 families.