Will you donate a space heater to help families in crisis stay warm this January?

We’re stepping up our web presence here at for three purposes. We invite you to pray and learn and dream with us as we continue to work together to help develop our community. We invite you to celebrate with us as we do this work. And we invite you to join in our work.

As the donations coordinator, I regularly visit neighbors in crisis who need space heaters for a couple reasons.

One group wants to run the heat, but can’t afford the bill. I want to make sure they can get a small heater this winter just to stay a little warmer.

Another group of neighbors heats their whole home nonstop. I want to empower them to find a smarter and more affordable heating strategy, and get them a small heater to help kickstart that process.

We’re asking you, your business, and your church to donate a space heater.  Will you partner with us to help keep families in Alachua County warm this January? Give us a call at 352.371.1768, stop by our office at 1903 NW 35 Avenue in the Ridgeview neighborhood, or email me at

Grace and Peace.