Is saying “God loves you” enough? Is it even possible to share God’s love without showing it tangibly?

At Christians Concerned for the Community, we believe that God loves us and our neighbors. Our response is to love Him and our neighbors, too.  We see the Christian community in Alachua County doing a great job of proclaiming that love.

Our particular mission at CCC complements that work. Our mission: expressing the love of God by equipping the church to help people. 

In his letter to the church, James admonishes us to love our neighbors, wish them well, and then to set about helping them with their physical needs (James 2:14-17). Every year, Christians Concerned for the Community equips dozens of groups and hundreds of people to help their neighbors meet physical needs.

ccc-furniture-teamThis year, we’re equipping individuals to do home visits, provide emotional support, and take folks to medical appointments. We’re equipping others to redistribute “concrete expressions of grace” in the form of good and usable furniture, appliances, and household items. We’re planning solid and secure accessibility ramps and equipping both skilled and unskilled volunteers to build them safely.

So, here’s two questions for you to answer here or on our Facebook page:

Who is it in your life that God wants to love through you? How can CCC equip you, your group, or your church to express that love?