Ever slept on the floor? Ever done it for months at a time?

More than 200 beds picked up last Wednesday means more than 200 folks NOT sleeping on the floor this summer.

Christians Concerned for the Community works year-round with folks in crisis to help them meet their need for beds. Two summers ago, UF helped out with over 100 beds, and again this year with over 200. Thirty people in Ocala are already sleeping better, a dozen folks who work with a medical outreach program in Gainesville are too, and 170 more folks in Gainesville will be receiving good, usable beds this summer.

We couldn’t have gotten this project off the ground without your support. Your prayers and gifts; eight trucks and four trailers; 30 volunteers; that’s what made it possible to store all those beds, and over a hundred dressers besides. A special thank you to Hipp Construction and Phoenix Commercial Park of Alachua for donating invaluable storage space to keep the beds clean and dry til we can deliver them.

Now the real fun begins. Volunteers are going out two by two the rest of the summer, delivering one bed to a disabled vet here, four beds to a single grandma there. We’re seeing kids no longer sleeping on floors and couches and we’re hearing a note of hope in parents’ voices. In one small way, we’re seeing the community flourish.

Will you join us in this work this summer? Email nick@cccgainesville.com for details.