UF Moving Day


150 Beds. 150 Dressers

promote. move. store


Christians Concerned for the Community invites you to join us to pick up, transport and store beds and dressers for 100 families in crisis, all in one day. Your initial investment of time and transportation will pay dividends for years as children and families use this furniture.

We need your help on Wednesday, June 20th. We have shifts starting at 7AM, 9AM, and 11AM at the CCC office (1903 NW 35 Ave).

A. Volunteer. Be one of our 40 volunteers.
B. Transport. Bring one of the 15 trucks and 8 trailers we need.
C. Store. Store dressers or beds in your home, church, or organization for 1-3 months.

Want to help? Write me at nick@cccgainesville.org, click the “sign up to help” button or call 352.371.1768.

June 20th. Let’s do something awesome together.
CCC Furniture Donations Coordinator