So, you’ve heard of the Fantastic Facelift, but don’t know how to connect?  There are three ways to participate, and we hope everyone can find one that fits.

Come on out!  You can give your time and sweat to showing someone God’s love, hands on and direct.  October 2-4 in Alachua we can come together and make a difference.

Sponsor a Volunteer.
Can’t make it out?  No problem, you can share in the effort by supporting a volunteer.  By offering to sponsor a volunteer, you are providing the funds to make the work happen.

Money, materials, tools, anything that helps will fill willing hands.  Just click that “Donate” link over to the left, or email us at with questions.  If you are helping us with materials, double check that we don’t have someone on that already by calling 352-371-1768!