CCC welcomes Tony and Nina Cogdill to the team!

Christians Concerned for the Community just DOUBLED the number of staff to 4. Find out more about Tony and Nina [...]

8 Key Components of Christian Community Development

Christians Concerned for the Community is in some ways an attempt to answer the question: "How can we continue to [...]

CCC truckS

So blessed to have TWO trucks at CCC now! On the left is the Brown Beast, 03 Ford Ranger, back [...]

CCC Spotlight on Services

This week's spotlighted CCC service is accessibility ramps. Neighbors from around Alachua County call almost daily, asking for assistance meeting [...]

January’s big redistribution request: Electric Heaters

Friends, Will you donate a space heater to help families in crisis stay warm this January? We're stepping up our [...]

We’re on a Mission

Is saying "God loves you" enough? Is it even possible to share God's love without showing it tangibly? At Christians [...]

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