January’s Donation Focus: Electric Heaters

True story: Yesterday afternoon I was delivering a dresser in the Brown Beast (Christians Concerned for the Community's tan Ford Ranger), and was literally stopped in the street by a neighbor seeking an electric heater. She said, "I don't need it today, but February's...

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CCC welcomes Tony and Nina Cogdill to the team!

Christians Concerned for the Community just DOUBLED the number of staff to 4. Find out more about Tony and Nina Cogdill below, or check out our about page for more info! Nina Cogdill, Office Manager Nina works as CCC’s Office Manager because she feels called to equip,...

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8 Key Components of Christian Community Development

Christians Concerned for the Community is in some ways an attempt to answer the question: "How can we continue to develop our community together?" We live out this answer by seeking God's will through Scripture reading and prayer. We live it out by asking neighbors...

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