Kiwanis of Gainesville builds ramp for 16 year old with CP

Our office manager, Gwen Gadaire, also happens to be serving as the president of her Kiwanis service club in Gainesville, FL.  They wanted to build a ramp for youth or children.  A sixteen year-old  neighbor in Newberry, FL in Alachua County has had Cerebral Palsy from birth and has needed a wheelchair since he was little.  After sixteen years, their family now has a ramp so he can safely access his own house.  Kiwanis and a few other friends of CCC worked together with a school nurse from Newberry High School to gather materials and even provide lunch that the family cooked in their smoker Bar-B-Q!

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UF ‘brothers’ build a ramp for a neighbor.

UF’s Kappa Phi Epsilon Christian Fraternity served with us to build a ramp for our neighbor in Newberry, FL, outside Gainesville.  We re-claimed the temporary shorter ramp that had been built and re-used those materials together with new materials to construct a 24-foot permanent ramp.  Now the lady, who has to always be at her mother’s side to care for her, has a safe, accessible entryway.  We broke bread (ate pizza), shared stories, and prayed together, thanking God for all his blessings that we enjoy.

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